Monday, August 17, 2009

Miss Thousand Islands 2010 and Brooklyn Independent Television Appearance

What kind of sisters would we be if we didn't make a sign with an incredibly unflattering photo and an embarassing nickname?

With some of the Miss NY Class of '09! From L to R, Katie Birchenough- Miss Empire Rose; Angela Galasso- Miss Lewis County, Me, Kristan Lettiere- Miss Thousand Islands, Courtney Sheridan- Miss Fulton County, and Lynn Tryon- Miss Mohawk Valley.

Waiting to get our photos taken with Miss Thousand Islands 2010!

With Kristina Ferris- Miss Thousand Islands 2010

Because no pageant would be complete without a sassy Sheridan photo...

This past weekend, I traveled up to Clayton, NY for the Miss Thousand Islands 2010 pageant! "Where's Clayton?", my fellow Brooklynites might ask. Upstate. REALLY far upstate. Like, a stone's throw from Canada (literally)- farther north than Binghamton, Albany, Ithaca, Syracuse, Watertown and practically every other major upstate city you can name. It was a 3 hour drive from my mom's house in Fort Plain to Clayton, but an attractive 3 hour drive, so I didn't mind. I find that I miss the Adirondack area most in the summer, where it can easily be 10 degrees cooler than the city. Irony is talking on the phone with your mom who's complaining about how chilly it is that evening, while you're literally peeling your sweaty body off the subway seat...

Clayton = beautiful. Such a picturesque little waterfront town; I was reminded of downtown Lake George (over in Warren County, for those of you who've never been), but with more water... We noshed on "the best pizza in the Thousand Islands area" (uhoh- here comes the Brooklyn pizza snob- the pizza wasn't bad, but couldn't hold a candle to the giant, crackly, chewy, sweet and salty deliciousness that is Brooklyn-pizza), and some tasty homemade ice cream, and then headed into the beautiful Clayton Opera House to grab seats for the pageant!

The show was a lot of fun- very well thought out and fast paced! I was joined by some of my 2009 pageant sisters- how nice to be reunited with them! All eight contestants were just lovely, and I was particularly impressed with each lady's onstage question answer. This is usually one of the toughest phases of competition, because there's really very little you can do to prepare for a random question, but each young lady demonstrated eloquence, awareness and intelligence! Nice! Congratulations to Amy Valenti, who won the Community Service and Children's Miracle Network Awards; to my awesome sister, Kieren Sheridan, who won both the Talent Award and Miss Congeniality; and to the court- 3rd RU Elizabeth Quencer, 2nd RU Stacey Minchin, 1st RU Corri Dartnell and Miss Thousand Islands 2010 Kristina Ferris!

Also- be sure to check out Brooklyn Independent Television's coverage of the Wafels & Dinges truck! Wafels and Dinges is a sponsor of the Miss Brooklyn Organization, and Brooklyn Independent Television just so happened to be featuring them on the day we held a fundraiser for my state expenses! I'm interviewed about food (of course), and get to chat a little with the host on why the Brooklyn food scene is so great, and what makes Wafels and Dinges a perfect match for Park Slope (appx 2:30 into the video)! Check out the video here. (Click on the link, and then on the video menu on the right, select the 2nd video- "Wafels and Dinges"). And yes, the cute guy in the hat and yellow t-shirt serving wafels is the Baron of Brooklyn (my boyfriend, Joe)!