Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey Brooklyn! Times are tough, and money may be tight, but that doesn't mean you can't show your momma plenty of love! Check out the list below for some fun, free/ cheap things to do with the Queen of Your Genes tomorrow right here in Brooklyn! (Events gathered from the Brooklyn Paper and the Sheepshead Bites Blog!)

Fort Greene-$0- Make free Mother's Day paper flowers at the Ft. Greene Visitor's Center!

Park Slope-$0- Nurture's Day Festival (Potluck Dinner + Canned Food Drive) at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

Dyker Heights- $10- Mother's Day Concert at Regina Hall

Coney Island/ Brighton Beach/ Manhattan Beach/ Sheepshead Bay (HOLLA)- $3- "Brighton Beach and Beyond" Walking tour of the shore!

Sadly, I won't get to spend this Mother's Day with my mom, so in her honor (in addition to her fabulous Mother's Day Gift), I've compiled this list of reasons why my mom rocks. Please note that this list is 100% factual. I couldn't make this stuff up...

My mom is awesome because:

-when I was born, instead of the usual mushy-poo maternal gushing that happens immediately post-partum, she said to the doctor, "She's an ugly mutt, isn't she?".

-she paraded my infant-self around in a onesie that read "Nipple Freak".

-for one of my younger birthdays (6th? 7th?), she made a GIANT slip & slide out of garbage bags that seemed like it was a mile long!

-she often went without so that my sisters and I didn't have to.

-she forced me to start Irish Step Dancing, and stick with it.

-she didn't make me wear clothes at home until I was 12! I still remember the day she told me I was too old to run around naked...sigh...

-she wasn't the least bit concerned that I was OBSESSED with the X-Files as an 11 year old.

-she ensured that my sisters and I knew that no matter where we came from or what we had, we were just as good as anyone else.

-she helped me become a leader.

-she let me quit piano lessons!

-she didn't give me anything- I worked for and earned all the good things in my life. She taught me to appreciate everything and feel entitled to nothing I haven't worked for.

-she humored my severe career indecision in high school ("Of course you can be a chef, fire-fighter, marine biologist AND forensic pathologist").

-she taught me the true meaning of independence.

-she let me move to NYC as an 18 year old to study acting (every parent's worst nightmare).

-she allowed me to become my own person, and make my own mistakes.

-she taught me to respect myself and others.

-she loves even when I'm REALLY BAD! ("I don't like you, but I always love you").

Happy Mother's Day!