Monday, March 23, 2009

"To be prepared is half the victory."- Miguel De Cervantes

Preparations for the state pageant are beginning- this week marks the "3 months until Miss NY" point, and while it seems like an eternity, I'm sure it'll fly by!

I've been so amazed at the incredible outpouring of support from my fellow Brooklynites in my quest for the title of Miss New York. We've been able to secure multiple hair sponsors, a photography sponsor, and fitness sponsor, and are in talks with potential tanning and gown sponsors- more about that later. As the Miss Brooklyn Organization grows, it's exciting to see all of the new connections and partnerships being built between our community and the scholarship program.

The past two weeks have been relatively quiet on the appearance front- convenient for me, because it's crunch time for the spring semester. With just over a month of classes left, I can use all of the study time I can get!

I was scheduled for an appearance on St. Patrick's Day (this Irish Step Dancer's favorite holiday!), but was unable to attend due to aggravation of an old injury- how disappointing! After some rest, I was back on my feet, and a few days later I went gown shopping in Bayridge. Understand that, unlike most girls involved in pageants, I truly dislike gown shopping- I love having an amazing gown, but the shopping part itself KILLS me! After two or three dresses, they all look the same to me, and I find the process exhausting! I did find some very promising prospects, though!

This week will be a bit busier. Kim and I are going gown shopping tomorrow AM. On Thursday, my mom's coming to NYC for the "Welcome Home Miss Brooklyn 2009" party my neighborhood is throwing! I'll be wearing a gown from Galit Couture, who will also be providing hair and makeup services! Many thanks to the wonderful Raisa Chernina- who knows everyone in Brooklyn, for her planning expertise, and the wonderful New York Steakhouse in Sheepshead Bay for hosting this event! My mom and I will probably do some more gown shopping on Friday, and then I'm competing in the Big Apple Feis (Irish Dance Competition) in Manhattan on Sunday!

Also, at some point this week, I'll have my first session with Miss Brooklyn 2009's Fitness Sponsor, Ellen Stein. We'll be focusing our training on Russian Kettlebells, which I've heard a lot of wonderful things about, and am extremely excited to start! She's certified with ACE, NASM, NSCA-CPT, RKC and IKFF. Visit her on the web at or She can be reached by phone at (917)846-1146 or by e-mail at

As a final note, I send my condolences to the family of Joyce Shelby, and her friends at the NY Daily News. Joyce was a Brooklyn reporter for the NY Daily News who passed away this weekend. I was interviewed by Joyce twice- once before the Miss Brooklyn Pageant, and once after winning, and I, along with the Miss Brooklyn Organization, are extremely grateful for the publicity she provided us, and the interest she showed in our program.

Kind Regards,