Monday, June 8, 2009

Miss New Mexico 2009 Pageant!

With Kira, Miss Santa Fe 2009 and Top 10 Finalist at Miss NM 2009!

Kira with Nicole Miner, Miss New Mexico 2009!
On an impromptu hike to the bottom of a canyon!
Kira and I at the White Sands National Monument for the Sunset/ Full Moon Party!

My chariot for the trip- Kira's tricked-out Jeep Comanche. And when I say, "tricked-out", of course I mean, "No air conditioning, no radio".

Last Wednesday, I hopped a flight to Albuquerque to cheer on one of my best friends from college, Kira Hirschfeld- Miss Santa Fe 2009- at the Miss New Mexico Pageant! It was my first time out West aside from visiting Lake Tahoe, and nothing could have prepared me for the 100 degree heat! Luckily, the landscape was so breath-taking that I was able to overlook the extreme climate, the 4 hour drive south to Alamogordo, and the fact that Kira's Jeep Comanche has neither air-conditioning nor a radio. And I got to see one of my very best friends whom I hadn't seen since the Miss NY 2008 pageant!

Kira did a fantastic job, placing in the Top 10, and winning a special award for individuality. Congratulations to Nicole Miner, Miss New Mexico 2009, and all of the other contestants! And a special thanks to both the Miss New Mexico Organization (who gave me a fantastic deal on tickets as a local titleholder), and the Hirschfeld family for taking care of me while I was there!