Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gardening in Brooklyn Bridge Park with OneBrick and Inga!

We're ninjas...

Despite what it looks like, we're framing the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy's logo on our new organic cotton t-shirts donated by Anvil- seriously!

Framing the Brooklyn Bridge

They weren't even posing for the picture. Seriously... Too cute.

Matt found these sunglasses while weeding and put them on. Inga and I might have tried to stop him if we weren't laughing so hard...

We don't mess around: Inga and I getting into the thick of things while weeding...

You may not be able to read it from there, but one of the volunteers was wearing a shirt that read "Beauty Pageants Are So Overrated"- too funny!

Dr. and Miss Manhattan lending a hand...

Me getting down and dirty with grass and weeds!

Last night, I joined OneBrick and gardened in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The 69 park areas in Brooklyn are serviced by only 13 full time staff, so they depend on volunteers for much of the manual labor. I was thrilled to be joined by Inga (Miss Manhattan) and Matt (Dr. Manhattan).
We spent a few hours weeding the grass and de-vining the trees. It was a lot of fun; not only spending time outdoors, but getting to know the other volunteers as well. The weather cooperated for the most part- it was a little humid, but rain-free, and the view of both bridges was breathtaking!

Though helping to beautify one of my favorite parks in Brooklyn was the highlight of the evening, it didn't hurt that the park mere blocks away from Grimaldi's and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. I met up with Joe afterwards, and we shared a ricotta pizza and banana split- the perfect end to the perfect evening!